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About All American Institute of Medical Science(AAIMS)

All American Institute of Medical Science (AAIMS) was officially chartered by the Government of Jamaica in May 2009. The University is located in the town of Black River which is the capital of St. Elizabeth Parish, in Southwestern Jamaica.
The University is a private medical school keeping a vision of providing quality of education to their students.
The University campus is at a distance of 1 hour drive from Sangster International Airport at Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ).
The distance from New Delhi to Sangster International Airport is appx. 14140 km, this takes a time of around 22 hrs 47 min. to reach there.
The campus is situated on 5 acres of immaculately landscaped grounds, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the environment of the University is safe and secure and well-equipped with the necessary fire detection equipment and alarms.

The library of the University has a huge collection of books for faculty, students and staff to support the teaching and learning process of the school. Apart from the books the library subscribes to a number database, prints journals, providing access to hundreds of journal titles and other electronic materials are also available.

Benefits of studying at AAIMS University

  • Low Tuition Cost and Living Expenses
  • On Campus Accommodation
  • Excellent Leadership and Faculty
  • Recognized by Ministry of Education, Jamaica
  • Listed in IMED/FAIRMER/WHO
  • Provisional accreditation received from CAAM-HP
  • English speaking Caribbean island, no visa hassles
  • Clinical Rotation in USA/Canada/India and the Caribbean
  • No MCAT required
  • Integrated Medicine Curriculum


  • Accredited by Ministry of Education of Jamaica
  • Accredited by CAAM-HP (Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions)
  • Registered by University Council of Jamaica as a Tertiary Level Institute.
  • Listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS)
  • Listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
  • Listed in World Health Organization/AVICENNA Global Directories of Education Institutions for Health Professions.
  • Recognized by Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
  • Approved by Medical Council of India
  • AAIMS is an institutional member with the AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe)


AAIMS offers variety of programs leading to the MD degree. The University offers a 4 semester (16) month pre medical program for high School graduates to fulfill requisites for entering MD program.
A student holding bachelor degree in science gets directly admitted to the 4 year of Medicine (MD) program.

The first 2 years of curriculum focus on Basic sciences and their application to Clinical Medicine.
The combination of didactic lectures, lab work, anatomical dissection, and problem based learning and hospital visit help expose students to varying situation they are likely to be confronted with in the real world of medicine.

Premedical Program Curriculum

Semester - I

Course Name Course Credits
Cell and Molecular Biology 04
General Chemistry I 03
Organic Chemistry I 03
College Physics I 03
Trigonometry 03
Communication Studies 03
Environmental Science 03
Total Credits 22

Semester - II

Course Name Course Credits
Organismal and Evolutionary Biology 03
General Chemistry II(w/Lab) 04
Organic Chemistry II(w/Lab) 04
College Physics II(w/Lab) 04
Calculas 03
Expository Writing I02
Health Psychology 02
Total Credits 22

Semester - III

Course Name Course Credits
Biology Lab III 04
General Chemistry III 03
Principles of Biochemistry 04
College Physics III 04
Medical Ethics 03
Nutrition through Life Cycle 03
Abnormal Psychology 02
Total Credits 23

Semester - IV

Course Name Course Credits
Introduction to Anatomy 03
Introduction to Physiology 03
Introduction to Microbiololgy 02
Medical Nutrition 03
Genetics 03
Expository Writing II 03
Research Methods 03
Aspects Of Basic Life Support 03
Total Credits 23

MD Program Curriculum

Semester - I

Course Name Course Credits
Human Anatomy I 04
Developmental Anatomy 03
Molecular Medicine 02
Cells and Tissues 02
Applied Biochemistry 03
Nutrition I 02
Communication Skills I 02
Practice of Medicine I 06
Total Credits 24

Semester - II

Course Name Course Credits
Neuroscience 04
Human Body and Disease I 06
Human Anatomy II 04
Medical Genetics 02
Practice of Medicine II 06
Complementary Medicine I 02
Total Credits 24

Semester - III

Course Name Course Credits
Immunology and Disease 04
Human Body and Disease II 10
Complementary Medicine II 02
Practice of Medicine III 08
Total Credits 24

Semester - IV

Course Name Course Credits
Human Body and Disease III 12
Practice of Medicine IV 10
Nutrition II 02
Total Credits 24

Semester - V

Course Name Course Credits
Human Body and Disease IV 10
Psychiatry & Neuropharmacology 04
Practice of Medicine V 08
Communication Skills II 02
Total Credits 24

Semester - VI

Course Name Course Credits
USMLE Step I Review: 14
Comprehensive Basic Sciences Exam 10
USMLE Step I Examination
Total Credits 24

All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) - Jamaica

Doctor of Medicine(MD Program) – 4.2 Yrs

(Fees Structure Excluding Clinical Rotation Fees for 80 Weeks : - )

ParticularsAmount (in USD) Amount (in INR)
One Time Application Fee, Processing & Administrative Fee2225 144625
1st yr Tuition Fee 9900 643500
2nd yr Tuition Fee 9900 643500
3rd yr Tuition Fee 9900 643500
4th yr Tuition Fee 9900 643500
Recurring Charges per annum 800 52000
Accommodation and Food per month $350 - $400 appx.

Items included under the charges are :

  • AAIMS White Coat
  • AAIMS T-Shirt
  • First Time pickup from Airport to Campus in Jamaica
  • Student ID Card
  • Lab Fees
  • Library Fees
  • Health Insurance for first 2 years in Jamaica
  • Student Guild Membership Fee
  • Immigration and Student Permit Fees

All American Institute of Medical Science(AAIMS) – Jamaica – Download Brochure & Fee Structure – 2018

download brochhure

Fee Structure For MD 4.2yrs


Step 1.Submit required documents

  • 10th and 12th marksheet
  • 6 passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of passport

Step 2. Short Listing

Step 3. Interviews

Step 4. Selected applicants receive Acceptance letter

Step 5. Complete Accommodation form and submit it to student services

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