Effect of Corona Virus on Indian students Studying MBBS Abroad

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Corona Virus has effected many Indian students studying MBBS Abroad.  Mostly these students studying Corona Virus - Indian StudentsMBBS in China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Armenia.  Many  of these students returned recently back from their places after Christmas Holidays to continue studies Abroad. In some cases Courses just Started in the Month of February 2020.

Due to Corona Virus China has  already closed down all the Colleges. Now just Georgia has close down all educational Institutions till 15th April 2020. Similarly Philippines has shut down all the educational intuitions in many Town and  Cities till 12 April 2020.

According to Abdul Sattar MBBS from the University of Georgiawho has recently landed Tbilisi and suppose to attend classes from 9th March 2020 in The University of Georgia, his college will resume from 16th April 2020.  And that is the reason he decided to stay in Hostel in Tbilisi. But according to him he is very comfortable in Tbilisi Georgia.

Student-AMA-ManilaSimilarly,  Classes in AMA, Manila, Philippines  has closed down and classes will resume after  12th April 2020.  This was told by   MD-1 Year student of AMA, Miss Mercy who hails from Manipur, India. She further said that due to financial constraint she will not like to come back to India for a break. She decided to stay in Manila. 

Memorandum was circulated in Our Lady of Fatima University,Philippines signed by the University President, states that all their campuses in Valenzuela City, Quezon City and in Antipolo City will remain close till April 12 2020.



MBBS from ArmeniaAnother Student from University of Traditional Medicine, Yerevan, Armenia ,  Yuvraj Singh Thakur , feels a bit uncomfortable as Armenia Boarders with  Iran.  Iran is worst country suffered due to Corona pandemic.  The best part is that every one is taking all measures to stop the spreading of the Virus, according to him. So he don’t find any reasons like other Indian Students wants to come back to India. He wants to stay there. Yuvraj hails from Shimla in India and he is doing MBBS from Armenia.

Same news are coming from other countries in which Indian Students are studying MBBS Abroad. But  the  worrying situation  for MBBS students is  to Compete in coming FMGE and USMLE Examinations. The most effected are Internship/Clerkship MBBS students. They are dealing with the patients without too much protection in the hospitals. 

OLFU (Our Lady of Fatima University, College of Medicine), Valenzuela, Philippines has postpones Internship/Clerkship of MD 4th Year Students. Some of the students reported that it was done after several Indian Students  objected to work in Hospitals in the said situation. Other medical schools are also in process to shut down Internship for atleast one month.


  • Sonam


    1. For those intending to travel to India, please consult the following advisory:-


    2. For those intending to travel from India to the Philippines:-

    “…entry travel restrictions shall be imposed upon those traveling from countries with localized COVID-19 transmissions, except for Filipino citizens including their foreign spouse and children, if any, holders of permanent resident visa, and holders of diplomatic visas issued by the Philippine Government.”

    3. For Indians in the Philippines, please note the following:-

    i) Stay calm. With proper precautions, the chances of contracting this infection are low and it is curable
    ii) Minimize being in crowds
    iii) Wash hands frequently, especially after being in public places
    iv) Do not touch your face
    v) Know where to go in case you need a test
    vi) Follow local city/ Province/ Barangay instructions/ Department of Health (DoH) advisories (www.doh.gov.ph) as these vary from region to region.
    vii) Travel restrictions and Community Quarantine in Metro Manila guidelines are available at – https://pcoo.gov.ph/OPS-content/on-code-red-sublevel-2/

    4. For Indian students in the Philippines:-

     Please note the above guidelines.
     Also students in each institution may nominate one contact person to be in touch with this Embassy and communicate his/ her details at the Emergency Contact Number given below or send an email to – sscons.manila@mea.gov.in.

    5. Emergency Contact Number:-

    +63 9477836524

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  • Shalini jatav

    FAQs w.r.t. COVID-19
    From Indian Embassy : Updated FAQs about COVID-19 as on 14 March 2020

    1) Can Indians living in the Philippines go back to India and till what time?
    Ans) There are no restrictions on travel back to India from the Philippines and international flights are operational.

    As per the government of the Philippines, all departing passengers shall be allowed transit through Metro Manila. For this purpose, proof of confirmed international travel itinerary, scheduled within twelve (12) hours from entering should be presented at check points.

    Travelers, including India nationals, arriving in India from or having visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain and Germany after 15th February,2020 shall be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days. This comes into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure.

    2) Can Indians travel from India to the Philippines and what are the restrictions?
    Ans) According to Government of the Philippines advisory, entry travel restrictions shall be imposed upon those traveling from countries with Localized COVID-19 transmissions, except for Filipino citizens including their foreign spouse and children, if any, holders of permanent resident visa, and holders of diplomatic visas issued by the Philippine Government.

    3) What are the rules for quarantine program in India on arrival?
    Ans) Incoming travelers displaying symptoms of COVID-19, including India nationals, can be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days on their arrival in India.

    4) Is there any program/plan for evacuation of Indian students from the Philippines?
    Ans) There are no such plans of evacuations as there are no restrictions on travel back to India and international flights are operational.

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    • admin

      Thanks for updating. If possible kindly send link always instead of Text.

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  • Shivam Kumar

    I am student in Our lady of Fatima University, in Philippines. By mistake I didn’t renewed my Visa which was expired in the month of January 2020.Now as it’s emergency due to Corona virus I want to return back to India. please suggest what shall I do!

    14-03-20 Reply
    • admin

      Kindly contact your University or Silver-peak Company in Valenzuela. They can help you in getting the things fast for you.

      14-03-20 Reply
  • Vishnu Gopal, Hyderabad

    Indian Ambassador of Ukraine Clearing all the doubts of Indian students at the time of COVID-19(Coronavirus) crisis.
    Kindly share and subscribe to my channel to get regular updates.

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  • Ràvi shankar prasad

    Is there any plan to evacuate students from ukraine

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    • Sonam

      As soon we get any further information … we will update you. Right now discussion is on at very preliminary stage.

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  • Sini

    I heard that the University of Georgia, Tbilisi starting Online Classes ?

    14-03-20 Reply
    • Sonam

      Yes UG is starting Online Teaching within 2-3 days.

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  • Mohan Readdy

    We are very afraid and worried as our both children stuck in Philippines. One of them studying in Lyceum, Dagupan and another one studying in Angeles University. Is it safe there ! Can u provide some information on it.

    Mohan Reddy, Hyderabad

    14-03-20 Reply
    • Virendra Nautiyal

      We understand your anxiety and fear. But to be honest you should not worry. The implementation of lockdown is more better in Philippines since it started as compare to India. It is much better isolated. Dagupan is very small town. Very neat and clean. People in Philippines are having good awareness about COVID 19. Yes food can be some problem, particularly for vegetarian. But I have learnt that there is no shortage of food there. Sikh Gurudawara also helping students in this regard.

      As far Angeles university is concerned, all students are staying in Hostel and are getting food in mess. University campus is well isolated.
      So don’t worry…students there are more protected in both the places. All the good wishes.

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      • admin

        It is
        that many medical colleges and universities have started online courses. But in medicine higher classes cannot have online classes for many topics. MBBS is more practical oriented. Particularly US-based curriculum system.
        I understand many student feeling home-coming. Despite knowing they are safe in foreign countries. They are not been able to concentrate in their studies.

        Similar situation for students who are in last year of their 4 years MBBS/MD course and doing internship/clerkship. They may need to wait for long. The worst is happening with those students who are doing clerkship in US as part of their internship/clerkship. One of our student who is in Chicago for 6 months and doing clerkship in Jackson Park Hospital & Medical Center. She is a student in Our Lady of Fatima University [ OLFU], Philippines. But now she is stuck in Chicago.

        Stay Home.Save Lives.

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  • khan ahmed

    We are not safe : Pakistan students in Kyrgyzstan

    Around 400 students from Pakistan studying in Kyrgyzstan requested their government to vacate them from Kyrgyzstan as soon possible. According to them they are feeling un safe. They are also having food and other supplies due to restrictions. According to them Pakistani embassy is not helping them.
    Kindly read the article :-
    – khan ahmed

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