To Get Admission in MBBS : Services Provided by Us

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The following are the procedural services provided by us :


Services provided before admission

  • Complete career guidance is provided to all the candidates so that they make no mistake in choosing the right course, including the country and institution in which they would like to study. The parents are welcome to attend the counseling sessions as well, that are specially designed to help their children select a future that would help them flourish and gain prosperity in the long run. A thorough evaluation of their goals in life as well as an assessment of their personalities is achieved through these sessions.
  • All the required information pertaining to the admission procedure to the desired institution(s) is provided by us, including the deadlines, the step-by-step process to follows, the fee structure etc. We believe that action speaks louder than words. Hence, we are ready to guarantee the candidate’s admission to any desired university/country of choice, granted that he/she meets the requirements and follows instructions as directed.
  • More often than not, candidates will opt for a student’s/ education loan to study abroad. Leave it to us to suggest the best possible options when it comes to applying for some financial help. Based on the location of the institution chosen by the candidate, we discern the bank that is most likely to offer the maximum benefit and lowest interest rate when it comes to an education loan.
  • We also help gifted and meritorious students obtain full/partial scholarships as and when applicable, if the concerned candidate fits the criteria to apply for the same.
  • Our staff is more than willing to help out the candidates regarding the filling up and filing of any documentation pertaining to the process of admission, including that of visa application.
  • Under certain conditions we also make arrangements for travel tickets for the students so that they can have a safe and hassle-free journey to their choice of university abroad.
  • To making the necessary arrangements for obtaining insurance overseas to ensuring a smooth process of foreign exchange from respective banks – trust us to accomplish it all in a secure manner.


Services provided after admission

  • Making required arrangements for the transportation of students from the respective airports of the country they move to, to their places of accommodation.
  • Settling down in an unfamiliar location and atmosphere after a student travels to a foreign country can be nerve-wracking for him/her. Our coordinators at the respective locations assist the new arrivals with a much needed helping hand in getting them acquainted with their campus/hostel life.
  • Our capable staff undertakes the task of handling all the important formalities of getting the student registered and all set to start their life at the university.
  • Our trusted staff is available to assist the candidates with any query that they might face during the entire span of studying abroad. This includes making arrangements for their visits back to their homeland.
  • Parents/guardians back home are always concerned over their children’s well being during the time that they are studying abroad. Thanks to our coordinators located in the foreign countries, these parents/guardians receive constant updates about how their children are doing out there in the universities.
  • Finally, in nut shell , in our post admission services we remain in constant touch with students and parents and keep guiding him/her for MCI examinations/USMLE/PLAB and job prospects.


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