Top Ten Points to select the Best Medical College in Philippines

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You must be knowing that Fee Structure alone can not be the best criteria in selecting the best medical College in Philippines!
Don’t regret after landing into it.  Take feedback from the students who are studying medicine in Philippines. There is no doubt, Philippines is the best place to study Medicine.

Here I am taking opportunity to Highlight 10 Points which will help you in selecting the best Medical College/University in Philippines :-

1. How many Students are allotted to one Dead Body (a cadaver) for dissection?

2. What are the Accreditation, Affiliations and Achievements of that University?

3. Is university time tested?

4. How many students are allowed in one Class?

5. What is the Infrastructure of the University and does they have their  own Hospital?

6. What is the Faculty and Students Ratio ?

7. Does University have Qualified and Experienced Faculty ?

8. Since how long  University is running Medical  Courses ?

9. What is the frequency of the Visiting Faculty and from which Institutions ?

10. What are the success rate  in USMLE Examinations ?

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