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In upholding its tradition as a Catholic educational institution committed to the Christian formation of the Filipino youth as its service to the church, the Philippine society, and the world, the San Beda College established its fifth unit in 2002, the San Beda College of Medicine. With the vision of providing holistic medical education, it aims to develop competent primary care physicians who are committed to the service of people and communities, who will be leaders in service, training and research .The formation of the Bedan Physician is accomplished through disciplined, reflective, collaborative, and service-oriented learning experiences in the classrooms, laboratories, hospitals, and the community, that will promote the development of the biomedical knowledge base, as well as the relevant professional skills and attitudes .Guided by the ministry of the Divine Healer, the learners shall be molded into transformative agents who will become responsible and responsive stewards of health ,of individuals, and of society.


A Benedictine community dedicated to excellence in the ministry of healing and stewardship of health.


To nurture Bedan Physicians Who will be dynamic and innovative leaders in service, teaching and   research, founded on the core values of prayer and work.

I. Benedictine  identity, mission and culture

Cultivate a culture of learning that reflects Benedictine core values.

II. Leadership, Administration and Governance

a. Develop transformative leaders among students, faculty, alumni and administrative personnel.
b. Involve stakeholders in planning, implementation and evaluation  of the activities of the college of medicine.
c. Conduct sufficient and proper financial planning involving all stakeholders based on sound fiscal policies.
d. Systematize the use of grants and fellowships for faculty and students through the stewardship of the administration.

III.    Relevant curriculum and programs

Deliver high-quality, transformative, outcome-based Benedictine medical education.

IV.    Teaching Excellence

Empower the bedan medical teacher with skills and opportunities for growth to facilitate quality student learning.

V.    Resource materials and facilities

Provide   adequate, appropriate, and updated facilities and services to enhance the development of the bedan  medical community.

VI.    Quality and relevant research and intellectual contribution

Create a sustainable atmosphere of medical-based research and information seeking by providing effective avenues for training, adequate facilities and supervision, and devising means for the recognition of notable outputs on research.

VII.    High involvement in extension services

Engage actively in public health education and related services that address the healthcare needs of our partner communities.

VIII.    Efficient student services

a.    Provide dynamic and responsive student support services that monitor and address medical student progress.
b.    Support student organizations that espouse the dynamism of the Bedan Physician.

IX.    External Linkages

Collaborate with relevant local and foreign medical institutions and academic organizations.
X.    Recognition and accreditation
Offer a quality program that complies with local and international standards for medical education.

Application Policies:

To qualify, applicants must:

1.Be a graduate of an accredited Baccalaureate program or a candidate for graduation of an accredited Baccalaureate program by the end of the second semester preceding the application;
2.Have a National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) percentile rank of at least 40.

Application Procedure:

1.Submit required documents to San Beda College Admission Office (placed in 1 big brown envelope):

a. Accomplished  application form (forms are available at the Admissions Office or may be downloaded from;
b. Photocopy of Transcript of Records (TOR) of the last 3 ½ years of any accredited Baccalaureate program. For graduates of a Baccalaureate degree, the official TOR must be submitted together with certificate of Class Ranking and Certificate of General Weighted Average;
c. Photocopy of National Statistics Office (NSO)-issued Birth Certificate;
d. Two (2) Recommendation letters (from former professors and/or Dean of the institution where the baccalaureate program was taken);
e. Three (3) pieces 2×2 photo (colored with white background).

2. Schedule an entrance exam(c/o the Admissions Office)
3. Schedule an interview (c/o the San Beda College of Medicine Office)

An application fee of P 1,500 shall be charged for processing and entrance test.
Applicants are advised to follow up on their application status directly with the San Beda College of Medicine Office or via email at

Accepted applicants must:

1. Pay a reservation fee of P 20,000.00
2. Submit the original copies of all required documents mentioned above
3. Submit a medical clearance certificate and copies of the following laboratory exams:

a. CBC
b. Urinalysis
c. Chest x-ray (PA)

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