Testimonials (Views of few students)

MBBS BlueStar OverSeas Education Consultants have given us a beautiful exposure to the university, Our Lady of Fatima. I am really enjoying the immaculate ambiance and friendly people here in the Philippines.


MBBS It was not easy to find a university out of India to study MBBS . The education consultants facilitated everything for me.

Neha Nautiyal

Nidhi-Srivastava Thanks to BlueStar Overseas for their Excellent Guidance and execution of my Admission.

Nidhi Srivastava

mjayesham-tiwari I had a dream to become a doctor and study abroad for that..both my dreams are being fulfilled by BlueStar consultants. They were very helpful and I had no difficulty to reach my destination , I am living my dream here in Philippines!!!

Jayesham Tiwari

MBBS-Simran BlueStar consultants have given us a whole new exposure to studying abroad, otherwise in our city we had no clue we can go to study abroad. The best education consultants facilitated everything for us.


Dr Gravica The BlueStar overseas education consultants helped me achieve my dream …to study abroad !


akshayvyas Opportunity knocks only once ! I saw the advertisement of Bluestar consultants and here is where I am …studying medicine in Philippines.

Akshay Vyas

Dhriti-Khullar-Photo I was not getting admission in my own country to study medicine so I approached BlueStar consultants .The BlueStar consultants told me about the universities in Philippines . I took no time to think again for i wanted to become a doctor.

Dhriti Khullar

Kshipra-Vyas When i approached the BlueStar consultant seeing their website, I never thought studying abroad would be a simple process.

Kshipra Vyas

mehakkaura I am enjoying a whole new exposure of a different country while studying medicine. BlueStar consultants helped me pick a friendly country and a good university too.

Mehak Kaura

Neema-Rao Studying medicine in Philippines is a beautiful experience with a friendly country and their rich culture. I don’t feel I am away from home!

Neema Rao

Reena-Vishnoi Being a girl it was difficult for my parents to send me abroad for safety purposes . But when the BlueStar consultants told my parents about Philippines being a safe and female dominated country. They were all smiles! now I am happy here in Philippines and they are not worried !

Reena Vishnoi

shivanitiwari My parents were hesitant to send me to Philippines till they were told by the BlueStar consultants about the country being female dominated and safe. Now my friends want to come and study here in Philippines!

Shivani Tiwari

AbdhijSharma Thank you BlueStar Overseas for making my dream come true. Because of your support I could achieve my goal of studying MBBS, and that too from foreign country.

Abdhij Sharma

Aishwarya Thanks Blue Star for helping me in choosing the Our Lady Fatima University to study Medicine. I feel happy here. I made friends with many other Indian medicos here.


Akhilesh Jakhmola BlueStar not only guided me for admission but also helped me and my family through out in visa processing in very minimal time. Their team helped us all the way round in.

Akhilesh Jakhmola

AmbujKataria I would praise the patience level of team BlueStar Overseas to listen and solve many of mine and my family member’s queries.

Ambuj Kataria

Avantika They and their services are outstanding.


Bhanvi Studying in other country was a big concern for me and my parents, but Blue Star removed all our doubts by assuring us for safety and explained us as to how much Philippines.


Desire Dcosta You can trust them always.

Desire Dcosta

Jyotsana I am studying MBBS in Philippines. BlueStar Overseas gave a much needed support and guidance so far. Thank you team BlueStar.


Julia Initially I was worried to contact education consultants outside my country. But now I will always recommend BlueStar Overseas for taking any help regarding admission Abroad.


Karina Singh I couldn’t get admission in India. Blue Star gave me counseling and assisted me in choosing the right college to study medicine. They also assisted my parents for education loan. Its due to Blue Star and my parents that I am studying MBBS in Philippines.

Karina Singh

Karmanya BlueStar Overseas Education Consultancy has given genuine advise to my parents to send me to Philippines to study Medicine. Today I can’t express how happy I am.


Laxita Kalal The team of BlueStar has helped me in all aspects to help me study here. Be it travelling tickets, any health issues or visa renewal. They assisted my family as well in taking right decision.

Laxita Kalal

Mariam Trusted Organization.


Marut Bahuguna My parents and I thought that studying MBBS from foreign country may be more expensive than in India, but we were wrong. BlueStar guided us about no donation policy in Philippines and also explained us the whole fee structure in details with full transparency.

Marut Bahuguna

Nikita I am from Bangkok and I never felt if I was dealing with consultants in India.I will always recommend BlueStar Overseas to Thai citizens.


Rhea Hi Girls ! Come to Philippines to study medicine. It is very women friendly country. BlueStar Overseas helped me. They are genuine. Please check their site : www.mbbs-md.com


Rohan Studying in different country changed my whole perception.Today I am able to see and think with a different perspective. The culture is very vibrant and people here are.


Salony Purohit I was very nervous to go to study medicine in Philippines. Never heard much about it before. BlueStar counselled me and convinced my parents. Today I feel happy and safe.

Salony Purohit

Sarbjeet Singh Their support is tremendous.

Sarbjeet Singh

Shalini Pandey My experience with BlueStar Overseas is excellent as they guided me for the right path and still are assisting us as family members in Philippines.

Shalini Pandey

Shivam Hi ! I am very very glad to pursue my dream of becoming a Doctor. Thanks BlueStar Overseas Education Consultant for guiding me.


Shreya Naithani I got admission in Philippines with the recommendation of BlueStar, and I love it here. The culture, people, food, weather, etc everything is perfect here. Further more as a girl I feel very safe here.

Shreya Naithani

Suraj Vyas I and my friends in my college are so happy to be in Philippines. Thanks BlueStar for your guidance and support.

Suraj Vyas

Toshali Sharma BlueStar Overseas Education Consultants not only helped me so far on my admission issues, it also made special travel arrangements for my parents to visit me at the time I was in the process of admission.

Toshali Sharma

Updesh I am loving my course and college in Philippines where I am studying medicine. I will be ever thankful to BlueStar to give me the right guidance.


Varsavi Dubey BlueStar Overseas guided and supported me for getting admission in MBBS in Philippines. The team is helping me throughout my journey and I believe will help me in future as well.

Varsavi Dubey

Vasudha I can’t tell my happiness after arriving in Philippines to join a medical college. My parents feel very relaxed. BlueStar has been very helpful and supportive.


Akshat Mamgain My dream was to study medical but due to low marks I couldn’t get any chance in Medical College in India without big fat donation. Big thanks to BlueStar who guided and supported me.

Akshat Mamgain

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