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Breif on : The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Test (PLAB)

About the PLAB Tests

If you are a medical graduate and wish to practice medicine in the United Kingdom, learning about PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Test ) can be helpful for you. You can apply for the PLAB test no matter whether you have completed your MBBS study from India or another nation. It is the gateway to become a successful doctor in the United Kingdom.

What is PLAB?

PLAB stands for The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board. It is conducted to assess the necessary skills in an international medical professional required to stand eligible to practice medicine in the UK. It is organized by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom. Candidates not from the European Economic Area and Switzerland generally are required to pass the PLAB test. The PLAB test is organized by the General Medical Council UK and is administered by British Council.

Why Choose to Go for the PLAB test?

After completing the MBBS study program, a candidate generally has two options available for him/her to choose. He/she can either practice medicine in the home country or work abroad. The UK is among the top destinations offering work facilities to successful international medical graduates. In order to work in the medical field in the UK, an applicant needs to give the PLAB test. PLAB is a very important and popular licensing examination conducted specifically for International Medical Graduates determined of working as registered doctors in the UK. And it is definitely needed if you have finished your medical studies in the UK.

About the PLAB Tests

All the interested applicants need to create a GMC Online Account to register for the PLAB test. The PLAB test is divided into two different parts.

PLAB Part 1 – is a multiple-choice written examination. There are 180 questions in total. The time allotted is 3 hours. Each question begins with a short scenario. The objective questions are based on the shared scenarios. Applicants are required to choose 1 out of the 5 answers provided. You can register online and attempt PLAB Part 1 sitting in many countries including India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and the UK.

PLAB Part 2 – Candidates who have cleared PLAB part 1 can appear for PLAB Part 2 test. PLAB 2 is an OSCE that stands for Objective Structured Clinical Exam. It is a practical objective exam. This test is facilitated only in Manchester, United Kingdom. It consists of 18 different scenarios/stations and each one lasts for 8 minutes + 2 minutes of reading time.

You can give the PLAB test in a maximum of four attempts. And, if you want to write it again for the fifth time, you can apply after only 12 months.

Eligibility for the PLAB test

●      Should have completed graduation from a recognized medical institution.

●      He or she should have cracked IELTS with a minimum score of 7.0 in every section. The applicant needs to score an overall 7.5.

●      Applicants clearing OET with a minimum grade ‘B’ in each testing field are also eligible to apply for the PLAB test.

Time for PLAB 1 Test

Candidates are free to choose the examination dates. PLAB 1 test is conducted in India twice a year. In India, it is conducted in March and November. The dates most probably fall on 15th March and 15th November.

Expenses for PLAB Test

●      For PLAB Part 1, the cost is 239 GBP.

●      For PLAB Part 2, the cost is 875 GBP.

●      For IELTS or OET, the expense comes to 160 or 332 GBP.

●      For both the PLAB parts, you need to have a budget in hand approx. INR 93,000.

Key Advantages with PLAB

●      Passing the PLAB test is not at all a challenging task for the applicants, or too difficult to pass.

●      Upon passing both the PLAB Tests 1 & 2, you get the reward of working in the UK in the medical field.

●      Applicants can continue working along with the preparation for the PLAB test.

●      There is no need to study many subjects. You can pass it with limited study, specifically in the Clinical Science subjects.

●      PLAB requires less time for preparation compared to the other countries’ licensing examinations.

●      The expense towards the preparation and the registration for the PLAB test is comparatively low.

●      The passing percentage for PLAB 1 is 60-65% and for PLAB 2 is 45-55%.

●      Passing both PLAB 1 & PLAB 2 is important. The score does not matter.

●      The passing percentage according to the General Medical Council UK is 76 – 79%.

●      Candidates are allowed a total of 4 attempts for each PLAB test (and then you can try again, but after some time).

●      PLAB Pass Candidates get the VISA approval easily.

Good preparation under the guidance of an experienced teacher and the determination to succeed can help an applicant clear the PLAB test without unnecessary stress. After passing PLAB Part 1 and PLAB Part 2, an applicant can make an application to seek work in the UK.

The applicant needs to start working in the UK within two years of passing both examinations. A candidate can start working as a doctor in the UK after his/her application is approved and gains registration as a medical practitioner.

Why More Indians Apply for PLAB?

The higher-earning potentials and a rewarding career in the UK have proved to be the major factors attracting more and more Indians to register for the PLAB test.

What Indian Doctors in the UK Earn Annually?

●      The doctors in the UK earn £27,000–£31,000 per year during their training period.

●      The Trainee Specialists make £37,000 – £47,000 per year.

●      Specialist doctors in the UK earn a handsome amount of £39,000 to £73,000 per year.

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Test (PLAB) thus provides many advantages. Every interested Indian Medical Graduate interested in working as a doctor in the United Kingdom can register for PLAB. For the detailed process, registration, and information, applicants can contact a study abroad consultant in every city without delay.

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