What is NEXT | National Exit Test for MBBS

NEXT or National Exit Test is a common exit exam for medical students:-

  1. As an entrance test to seek admission in Post Graduate (PG) Medical Course.
  2. Screening test for foreign medical graduate.
  3. Screening test for Indian medical graduate.

NEXT will act as a standard qualifying test for achieving License to practice medicine in India.


When NEXT will get implemented or becomes Operational?

As per the NMC Bill 2019, the NEXT exam will be implemented from 2022.


Will NEXT replace NEET-PG ?

Three years from the implementation of the NMC Bill 2019, the Exit Test namely NEXT, will replace the NEET-PG examination in the process as well.  It is expected that NEXT will replace NEET-PG in 2022.


Minimum Eligibility for NEXT Exam

Any Medical Graduates (MBBS or equivalent) are eligible for NEXT Exam. Either completed MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad, both are eligible to take NEXT Exam.

Reasons for introducing NEXT

The reasons for introducing NEXT to raise the quality of Medical Education and to bring all medical school on the same page.

Uniformity by making one common Exam

NEXT Examination system  will bring uniformity. Medical graduate students from any medical colleges, whether from Government, Private or Foreign Medical Colleges,  need to clear NEXT exam.

Improvement in Medical Facilities

As per act all the MBBS graduates are supposed to work for a minimum of 3 years in rural and tribal settings. At present, the medical facilities available in rural and remote areas do not meet the standard. But via NEXT, it will become possible to improve the conditions especially in remote areas and make the best health care facilities accessible to all citizens of the country.

Lesser Paperwork for Foreign Students

Earlier, any foreign MBBS graduate planning to pursue his/her career in India was supposed to clear the NMC screening test, also known as FMGE, which has been known to include a lot of paperwork. But NEXT will surely lower the paperwork and will make the process more streamlined.

The pattern of the NEXT exam

NEXT exam will be divided into two parts including Theory (NEXT-1) and practical (NEXT-2). In the theory part, MCQs will be asked. NEXT-1 will be conducted after final year MBBS, before applying for the internship. MBBS students who clear NEXT-1 can begin working as interns but have to clear NEXT-2, the practical test, separately post completing their internship.

The score obtained by MBBS students in NEXT-1 will help them get a PG seat post completing their internship.

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  1. When was the NMC bill passed?

NMC- the National Medical Commission bill was approved on 8th August 2019 by the President of India.

  1. What is the common purpose of NEXT?

The most common purpose of introducing NEXT in the country is to make effort to improve the quality of medical education and overcome the increasing problem of unqualified doctors in the different territories in India.

  1. What is the number of attempts allowed for the NEXT exam?

At present, there is no limitation to the number of attempts for the NEXT exam. The score obtained in the NEXT-1 exam will be considered valid for the next 2 years useful for the purpose of PG Entrance ranking.

  1. Is the NEXT exam completely MCQ based?

No, the first part NEXT 1 will be MCQ based paper. The score obtained will decide your PG medical seat.

  1. Will there be the NEXT exam in the year 2022?

NEXT was decided to become operational post 3 years of the NMC bill launched in 2019. Hence, based on the available information, the NEXT exam is expected to be held in the year 2022.

  1. Which will be the first batch to appear for the NEXT 2022?

2017 MBBS candidates will be the first batch to appear for the NEXT 2022.

  1. Will NEXT replace FMGE?

NEXT has been made mandatory for the study abroad students from 2019. Henceforth, students pursuing MBBS abroad and willing to pursue medicine in India will have to crack the National Exit Test (NEXT). Thus, the NEXT exam will replace the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE).

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