Post Graduate Medical Programs (Residency) in the Philippines

Post Graduation (PG) Residency Program in Philippines

As is the system prevalent in the US, the PG in Medicine Program is called Residency Training Program in the Philippines. The various departments are governed by their respective autonomous Boards/Societies viz. Philippine College of Radiology, Philippine College of Surgeons, Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society.

Therefore unlike an all powerful solitary body like the NMC in India or NMC in Nepal which governs and overseas all policies, regulations, accreditation of PG Medicine programs in their respective countries, the Philippine post graduate programs are unique and independent, they however follow rigorous accreditation and governing regime wherein institutions must reapply for accreditation every 3/4 years depending on the department applied for.

S.No. Program Duration Application turn Around
1) Internal Medicine 3 years 45-90 Days
2) Pediatrics 3 Years 45-90 Days (Female Applicants Preferred)
3) Anesthesia 3 Years 45-90 Days
4) Ophthalmology 3 Years 45-90 Days
5) Dermatology 3 Years 90-180 Days (Female Applicants Preferred)
6) Radiology 4 Years 90-180 Days
7) Obstetrics & Gynecology 4 Years 45-90 Days (Female Applicants Preferred)
8) General Surgery 4 Years 45-90 Days (5 Years if Private University Hospital)
9) Emergency Medicine 4 Years 45-90 Days
10) Urology 5 Years 90-180 Days
11) Pediatric Surgery 5 Years 90-180 Days
12) Neuro Surgery 6 Years 90-180 Days
13) Colorectal Surgery 5 Years 90-180 Days
14) Neurology 3 Years 45-90 Days (Usually easy to get)
15) Psychiatry 4 Years 45-90 Days (Usually easy to get)
16) Pathology 4 Years 45-90 Days (Usually easy to get)
17) ENT 5 Years 90-180 Days
18) Cardiology 2 Years 90-180 Days (2 years after Internal Medicine)

Application Requirements for Post Graduation (PG) Residency Program in Philippines –

1. 500 USD Application Fee after first Interview.

2. Grade 10, 12, MBBS, NMC Registration or from any board of respective country, Sponsor Affidavit, 6 months Bank Statement, Medical Report etc.

3. Skype Interview will be notified wherein applicants will have an interview withe HOD of the Department applied to (Proficiency in English Language and Fundamentals of the Department applied to will be the topic of the interview) Major concerns are Psychological Analysis and Language Skills.

4. Notice of Acceptance will be issued upon successful interview

5. Upon arrival in the Philippines students will have to sit for Psychological Analysis Exam and Interview with the other senior consultants of the Department.

6. There is a 3 month Mandatory Pre- Residency Training in most hospitals but in some hospitals it depends from Department to Department. This is essential for the new Residency to acclimatize to the Philippine System and Hospital/Department culture. In the case of surgical department/s its also to test the applicants hand dexterity and knowledge about surgery.

7. The certificate of completion of Residency in ———————- will be issued by the respective Board viz. College of Radiology, Surgeons etc.

8. The Philippine Constitution forbids issuance of stipends to foreign Residents in the Philippines. Free lunches, dinners other freebies given by Department or Private bodies like Med-Reps etc are also given to foreign residents. In many hospitals lunch or dinner is provided to foreign residents on duty.

9. Total Fee – US$40000.00 for entire any PG course irrespective of duration.

10. All corresponding expenses like visa, renewals, accommodation, food etc are extra.

Partner Hospitals are –
1. Fatima University Medical Center
2. Davao Doctors Hospital
3. Southern Philippine Medical Center
4. St Pauls Medical Center
5. Sacred Heart Hospital
6. Skin and Cancer Clinic
7. Makati Medical Center

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