MBBS from Timor-Leste

MBBS from Timor Leste
Studying MBBS in Timor-Leste(Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) could be an interesting option for those seeking medical education. Timor-Leste, a Southeast Asian nation, has been gradually developing its education system, including medical education, since gaining independence in 2002. Despite its size and limited resources, Timor-Leste provides quality education in the field of medicine. By choosing to Study MBBS in Timor-Leste, students can be part of this evolving educational landscape while experiencing the rich culture and natural beauty of the country.



  • Number one in the Freedom Index for Southeast Asian nations.
  • Youngest nation with our population in Southeast Asia.
  • Quality education at an affordable cost.
  • Ideal student-to-professor ratio.
  • Tropical climate with a disease pattern like India.
  • Excellent clinicals with hands-on practice.
  • Indian and Jain home-style cuisine.
  • Catholic management as the academic partner.
  • Permanent residency permit (PR) after 5 years and eligible for citizenship after 10 years of stay.
  • Timor-Leste offers a real practical-oriented medical program.
  • UCT medical program is globally recognized, including by the NMC, WHO, FAIMER, and ECFMG.
  • The country offers a model of excellence in integrated instruction, research, and public engagement.

MBBS From Timor-Leste


MBBS in Timor-Leste Overview

Affordable Education:

One of the standout features of pursuing an MBBS in Timor-Leste is its affordability. Compared to the high tuition fees and living costs in many other countries, studying in Timor-Leste is much more economical. This makes it an attractive option for Indian students who want to pursue a medical degree without incurring significant debt.

English-Medium Programs

Timor-Leste offers MBBS programs in English across most of its medical universities. This is a significant advantage for Indian students, as it eliminates the language barrier that often comes with studying abroad. Students can easily follow lectures, participate in discussions, and complete their coursework in a language they are already proficient in.

High-Quality Education

Medical universities in Timor-Leste are known for providing education that meets international standards. With modern facilities and experienced faculty, these universities ensure that students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive medical education. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for global medical practice, making them competitive candidates for residencies and medical positions worldwide.

Cultural Compatibility and Comfort

Timor-Leste shares many cultural similarities with Asian countries, including India. Indian students will find it relatively easy to adapt to the local culture and lifestyle, which can significantly enhance their overall study experience. The cultural compatibility helps students feel more at home and reduces the cultural shock often associated with studying in a foreign country.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

Timor-Leste is known for its friendly and welcoming environment. The country is safe for international students, and the local communities are supportive and accommodating. This creates a conducive atmosphere for studying and personal growth.


Timor-Leste University’s Edge


Timor-Leste University's Edge


Simulation Mannequins for Enhanced Practical Learning: Timor-Leste University uses advanced simulation mannequins to provide students with hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. These mannequins help students practice and perfect various medical procedures.

Real Human Cadavers in Anatomy Lab: The university offers the unique opportunity to study real human cadavers in the anatomy lab. This hands-on experience is invaluable for understanding human anatomy in great detail.

3D Anatomy & Virtual Reality Anatomy: Students benefit from cutting-edge 3D and virtual reality technology that brings anatomy to life. This immersive learning experience helps students visualize and understand complex anatomical structures more effectively.

1000+ Beds Multispecialty Hospital and Community Centers for Clinical Internship: Timor-Leste University is affiliated with a large multispecialty hospital that has over 1000 beds. Students gain practical experience through clinical internships at this hospital and at various community centers, providing comprehensive real-world medical training.

Ideal Professor-Student Ratio for Better Learning: The university maintains an ideal professor-student ratio, ensuring personalized attention and support for each student. This fosters a better learning environment and helps students achieve their academic goals.

Travel Guidelines to Timor-Leste for Indian Passport

Route 1

India to bali, Indonesia daily direct flights available from Bangalore and Delhi.

Bali (DPS) Indonesia – Dili (DIL) Timor-Leste daily 2 direct Flights


Flight : QG-500

Time : 9:30 AM


Flight : 8G 182

Time : 10:35 AM


Route 2

India to Singapore

Singapore (SIN) – Dili (DIL) Timor-Leste on every Sunday (direct)


Flight : 8G 992

Time : 01:30 AM (Non Stop)


Visa Requirement:

Bali, Indonesia : Visa on Arrival

Dili, Timor Leste : Visa on Arrival, Invitation Letter is Mandatory.
Singapore : Visa required for Transit.

FAQ | Frequently Ask Question on MBBS From Timor-Leste

Where is Timor-Leste Located ?

It’s Above Australia and Next To Indonesia.

what about Masjid in Dili ?

Yes, there are several masjids in the city, one of them is very huge in city and close to hostel.

How many Muslim population ?

Muslims are in minority around 1.5 percent population and 97% are catholic Christian’s and the rest are from various religion including bhudist and Hindu.

Will they give internship certificate to students ?

Yes, upon successful completion of clinical Internship certificate will be issued.

After getting degree , will students get registration in UK / USA after clearing PLAB / USMLE ?

Yes, as this is internationally recognized MBBS program, students can opt for post graduation in any of this countries.

Commission + free tour on 2 students ?

Yes, Free Tour + Commission to experience the  magnificent country and experience amazing campus.

Prayer room in College ?

I will lot a dedicated space in university and hostel for prayers for Muslim students and also for Hindu students.

If student fail in exam...will he lost his semester / year ?

We will organize special classes and one chance will be given to clear the semester by reappearing in the exam.

separate hostel for girls ?

Two Different building in the same campus.

What about student visa ?

Visa on arrival and later it’s converted to 1 year Student visa by the university.

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