Which is the Best Overseas Country for studying Medicine after 10+2?

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Alternate Counteries
Points for Selecting Overseas Country to Study MBBS/MD


This may be difficult to answer for many people, but for me it is very simple to answer. All countries are good, if you select the best medical university and colleges of these countries.

Even China is really good if you do MBBS from Jilin University which rank under 300 best universities in the world.

So either you do MBBS from good medical school of  Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines or Kazakhstan , all countries are good or else don’t do MBBS from Abroad, no use of doing MBBS from lower grade medical colleges or lower grade universities. But still you need to select best among these on the basis of the following : –


10 Best possible points in Choosing a Country for MBBS from Abroad

  • Country Language, percentage of Locals speaks or understand English
  • Distance of that Country from your destination.
  • Visa Policy.
  • Climate conditions as per your need.
  • Safety of Students.
  • Availability of Indian Food.
  • Air fare round the clock.
  • Fee Structure and living cost.
  • Diplomatic relations with India.
  • Locals’ attitude towards Indian Students.

See most of the above countries are safe as compare to India. Similarly all countries are having Excellent leaving environment and good living standards as compare to India.

In Philippines literacy rate is around 95% and more than 90% understand English. It has universal Climatic Conditions throughout the year.  But Philippines lacks in Safety and Living Standards and Environment as compare to other mentioned countries.

On other Hand, in Georgia they need Indian Students having fair communication in English and should have more than 60% marks in PCB. Now from June 2018, you don’t need to be compulsory TOEFL/IELTS Cleared, but you need to send 3 Video Clips so university can judge students English speak capability.

But in Kazakhstan course duration is under 5 Years.  So students get extra months to prepare for MCI exit/USMLE.

I will be happy if one can add some more queries other than mentioned.