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For those who were always planning to study MBBS and could not get through in the entrance examinations in India due to limited seats in India , should not be disheartened as there are other opportunities waiting to be discovered abroad.

Fly to Philippines


In the tough examination of entrance for MBBS many a students are disheartened but now no more as there are various universities abroad where you could get a medical degree recognized my MCI. And you will be surprised by the total cost of doing MBBS from abroad as compare to Indian Private medical colleges.


In India, if you get seat through Donation, then things does not solve there. College will charge you good amount for each paper you failed to get passing marks.


Whereas studying outside India, there is no donation at all of any kind right from the admission to obtaining the degree.


Moreover there are many advantages of studying medicine from abroad, one gets a very new exposure about a different country and gets advanced in many ways. Learning about a new country, new life styles, new places , new people , their culture gives you a new outlook altogether and implement this learning help you to have a wider view and approach during practice . what you learn from abroad in a higher education has certainly got to be different from your own country, what new things one learns from abroad whether its different technique , research , projects, you always have a better advantage of one who studied from India.


For example, people in Philippines have a different set of eating habits , different food, and life style, a student studying medicine from Philippines would also learn there in Philippines how to treat their life style related diseases other than what there are in India .

Lets say if we talk about Philippines , which is known for the world class beaches, the students have a chance to travel and learn more as they discover a new place and places during their holidays. You learn lot about different countries with international students studying in your group.


One student who had recently been to Philippines for medicine study made a core group of friends from all regions of the world to that extent that after passing now he has all experts from different countries to discuss about the treatment methods of a complicated disease back in India! That is a boon sometimes in medicine practice to have different outlooks of different experts for a problem. Those foreign students have a bond together while they study the course and that bond continues to give them expertise of each other after the pass out! They are easily connected thru social apps and emails, even web cams in this era!!


Many students wonder the authenticity about the degree obtained from abroad. The answer to this is that a degree from abroad is valid if its recognized by the MCI (medical Council of India) and gives you the eligibility to practice in India after passing the exam laid by MCI after obtaining your degree from the university outside India. In Philippines most of the universities are recognized by MCI and WHO. In US one of every ten doctor has graduated from Philippines. The medical courses in Philippines are much cheaper than in India. What else can one ask for, there are many other good advantages of studying abroad , you just have to have a wider view.!


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