Does minimum 40 percentile in NMAT is required to qualify for admission in Medical Graduation in Philippines?

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Minimum 40 percentile marks in NMAT is required to qualify in NMAT as per CHED.

Now the question arises “Will you get admission in 4 yrs MD course(equivalent to MBBS) in Philippines Medical College in case you get less than 40 percentile in NMAT?”

As of today answer is Yes as well as No ! This means you may get admission or you may not get admission in MD. Some Universities are exempted from minimum passing marks of 40 percentile by CHED. Such that these colleges can promote their MD Medical course, further to built their infrastructure and education quality. But this policy may continue or can be discontinue by CHED. So always try to get minimum 40 percentile in NMAT in case you want admission in MBBS/MD program in Philippines.

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Scoring around 40 percentile marks, you can get admission in some of the Medical schools but this does not mean they are inferior to those Medical colleges whose cut off is minimum 70 percentile.

The following Medical colleges are exempted till to date from 40 percentile barrier:

You can get admission in the following Medical colleges if you get just passing percentile between 40 – 45 percentiles:

There are some Medical Universities which requires very high NMAT marks around 90 percentile along with good academic records (particularly good marks in BS and its equivalent). Also these Universities are having few seats for international students:




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