Why MBBS from Philippines

Benefits of MBBS from Philippines !

  • Philippines Medical Universities are the world’s most affordable and having lowest tuition fee structure.
  • American Style PBL Curriculum.
  • Philippines follow the American education system; the medium of teaching is English
  • Philippines has more than 93% literacy rate.
  • No Donations
  • Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in Asia and third largest English-speaking country in the World. English is used as a medium of instruction in higher education and that’s why Filipinos are considered as one of the most competent English speakers.
  • The Philippines is known for its highest standard of education, high – caliber education institutions.
  • The culture is much easy to adopt with. People are more hospitable and the environment is more open and less hostile.
  • Philippines is female dominated country and it is most safe place for girl students.
  • Similar Climate as in India. Temperature remains by and large between 28 to 32 Degree Celsius through out the Year.
  • Universities are IMED/ ECFMG /WHO Approved.
  • The MD Course in medicine from Philippines is recognized by Medical Council of India as equivalent to MBBS in India

DUAL Degree program

The medicine study program in Philippines facilitates a dual degree program. While doing BS-Md program, one gets a degree of Graduation in science (BS) before getting the degree of MD (Doctor of Medicine). Duration of BS ranges from one Year to one and a half Years depending on the universities norms.

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                     Studying MBBS in Philippines is better than studying MBBS in China, Ukraine, Russia

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